Agriculture and farms get a new boost from bank funding

In May this year a UK bank has unveiled a fund especially aimed at helping agricultural business cut costs and reap the benefits from renewable energy. NatWest/RBS is creating a dedicated £50m  fund and a tem of trained advisors to help meet demand from businesses looking to install wind turbines and solar panels. A survey quite clearly showed that a third of agricultural businesses wish to reduce running costs, reduce carbon emmissions through the use of such new resources such as solar energy and wind turbines.

Not only will the bank offer funding but there will be trained advisors to help consumers and business mangers work through the maze of how the new energies can be installed and provide the greatest benefit. As well as simply cutting costs for agricultural businesses this could aid managers and farm owners look more seriously at how they can use energies such as solar power to create a second income on fallow land, and unused buildings. Turbine installations especially require extensive planning, access to the site, noise and visual effect are just some of the key environmental considerations. Many small businesses simply do not have the resource or time to get such a complex operation off the ground.

This is welcome news after the governments review on the available budget for the feed-in tariff. Nat West are alos pretty certain that they can increase their budget if demand increases.


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